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Broadband implementation: country case studies

Broadband implementation: country case studies

The session on broadband implementation, moderated by Rahul Khullar, Chairman of India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority, looked at success stories, forward-looking approaches and lessons learned.

Mario Maniewicz, Chief of the Department of Infrastructure, Enabling Environment and E-Applications, ITU/ BDT, presented the ITU series of nine country-case studies on broadband implementation, jointly implemented by BDT and the Broadband Commission for Digital Development secretariat. The case studies provide an in-depth look at the state of broadband development in Albania, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Romania and Sri Lanka, and show how strategies and regulation can boost access, availability and affordability in building today’s broadband world.

Mohan Jayasekere, Deputy Director of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRSCL), presented the lessons learned from the ITU case study on Sri Lanka. TRCSL began monitoring broadband quality of service (QoS) in 2010, which resulted in greater competition, higher broadband speeds and reduced broadband prices for subscribers. Now separate QoS standards will be introduced for fixed and mobile services.

Magdalena Gaj said that the implementation of NGN is a priority in Poland, and the first step taken towards NGN deployment was the signing of the Mega Act to support infrastructure development. Models of co-investment are being explored by two fixed operators, and the two main mobile operators are considering infrastructure sharing.

Ms Gaj invited participants to Warsaw, Poland, from 3 to 5 July 2013 for GSR‑13.



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