Nº 10 2012 > Global Symposium for Regulators | Special report

The regulatory consulting room: bringing it all together, fostering inclusive and sustainable growth

Poland will host GSR-13 in Warsaw from 3 to 5 July 2013
Poland will host GSR-13 in Warsaw from 3 to 5 July 2013

The regulatory consulting session, moderated by Cristhian Lizcano Ortíz, Senior Telecommunications Expert and Chairman of GSR‑11, focused on the most pressing regulatory matters.

Alan Horne, Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator, Vanuatu, said that regulators understand the social and economic benefits of the Internet, but efforts are needed to educate the population about those benefits. Regulators should support e-government and e-education activities to help meet the Millennium Development Goals. Because operators shun uneconomic areas, it is the regulator’s role to manage projects under the universal access fund.

Dražen Lučić, Executive Director of the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM), said that the key question is how to balance regulation and investment. Broadband penetration in Croatia is about 30 per cent but the distribution is unequal and rural areas are not covered, hindering development. The regulator has started to incentivize operators to invest in rural areas.

Participants discussed the facilitator role of the regulator in promoting access to infrastructure in rural areas and in using universal service funds to generate incentives for industry to serve remote areas.



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