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One Woman

“We are One Woman. Your world is mine and we shall shine.”
“We are One Woman. Your world is mine and we shall shine.”

From China to Costa Rica, from Mali to Malaysia, acclaimed singers and musicians, women and men, have come together to spread a message of unity and solidarity in a song called “One Woman”.

Written for UN Women, the United Nations organization charged with advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality worldwide, the song features 25 artists from more than 20 countries across the globe. It was initially performed during the launch event for UN Women at the United Nations General Assembly in February 2011. The lyrics are inspired by stories of women whom UN Women has supported.

“One Woman” aims to become a rallying cry that inspires listeners about the mission of UN Women and engages them to join in the drive for women’s empowerment and gender equality. The track is available at http://song.unwomen.org, along with behind-the-scenes videos chronicling the song’s year-long production.

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