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Intel: connecting people to a world of opportunity

John Davies, Vice President, Intel CorporationIntel: connecting people to a world of opportunityIntel: connecting people to a world of opportunity
John Davies, Vice President, Intel Corporation

Through programmes that increase access to digital devices, the Internet and relevant content, Intel is helping transform education, improve health care and increase economic opportunities for people around the world. Join WSIS Forum 2013 to listen, learn, and lead more and more people to the benefits of today’s digital world.

As John Davies, Vice President, Intel Corporation, says “Connecting the world is not easy – but it is very important. All people should have access to digital technology that can help improve their lives. We can – and should – work together to help make it happen!

Intel is proud to be a strategic partner with WSIS and to support ITU’s goal of connecting millions of people to broadband services throughout the world. The Intel team will be at WSIS Forum 2013 with a keynote presentation, discussion sessions and workshops, and we look forward to a conversation with you. Please visit the WSIS Forum Agenda <www.itu.int/wsis/implementation/2013/forum/agenda/agenda.html> for specific times and locations.

  • Opening Ceremony — Keynote Presentation with John Davies
  • Improving Education with ICT: Government representatives from around the world share experiences in bringing 21st century education methods and technology to first-time users — Thematic Workshop hosted by John Davies.
  • Women's Empowerment in the Information Society — High Level Dialogue with Niamh Scannell
  • ICT Innovations and Standards: Creating technology for the next three billion — High Level Dialogue with Eric Levander.
  • Infrastructure, Broadband Backbone Connectivity — Session with Eric Levander.
  • Enabling the Environment for Future Consumer Behaviour and Demand: Industry outlooks on future services and applications, and associated bandwidth requirements — Session with Christoph Legutko.
  • WSIS+10 Agenda — Session discussion with Christoph Legutko.
  • Collaboration among ITU, Intel and WSIS — Interview with John Davies on WSIS YouTube channel.
  • Executive Meetings — Connect, learn and share with like-minded stakeholders.
  • Intel Information Booth — A place to exchange ideas regarding ICT and education for the third billion.

Intel Education — Empowering youth, transforming communities

For more than a decade, Intel has helped governments in over 100 countries use technology to increase access and quality of education for students and help create a workforce with the skills necessary to prosper in today’s global economy. Consequently, Intel fully supports the appeal of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, for members to “deliver on their promises” to increase access to information and communication technologies (ICT) in developing countries.

Intel understands that access to technology — including broadband and ICT — creates educational opportunities that prepare students to thrive in the 21st century. Through innovative and collaborative programmes, Intel works to empower governments and educators worldwide to create classroom environments that close the digital divide and increase student success. Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Viet Nam are just a few of the countries that have worked in partnership with Intel to build a better future for their citizens in this way.

In addition, Intel is leading global efforts to make technology more affordable, available, and better suited to regional needs. Working with local and national authorities, Intel helps bring hands-on hardware and software technology to students around the world, with holistic education solutions and appropriate curricular content adapted to local needs.

With the understanding that reliable classroom technology needs a trained teacher, Intel also offers a wide range of professional development programmes and resources for educators, promoting standards-aligned, problem- and project-based approaches to e-learning. Combined, these solutions are the seeds — enabling access to education, information, communication and science technology — that will grow worldwide.


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