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Felipe Massa demonstrates the dangers of distraction behind the wheel

Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa
WTISD 2013: Felipe Massa Video Message

Felipe Massa, one of the most resilient Formula‑1 champion drivers, who drove his 125th Grand Prix for Ferrari on the weekend of 11–12 May 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, finishing in third position, put his foot down in a simulator during the World Telecommunication and Information Society Award 2013 ceremony to demonstrate how on-board distractions and texting while driving can affect even a professional driver.

Mr Massa drives for the Scuderia Ferrari team. In 2002, he entered the Formula‑1 arena with Sauber, the Swiss team based near Hinwil. Ever since, he has been at the pinnacle of motorsports. In 2008, he finished second in the Drivers’ World Championships. Understanding the positive effect that sports can have and the influence that sports personalities can wield, Mr Massa has become UNICEF’s Champion for Brazilian Children. He is also a strong advocate of FIA’s Action for Road Safety.

Reiterating the words of all speakers at the ceremony, Monisha Kaltenborn, team principal of the Switzerland-based Sauber Formula‑1 team said in a video message: “Safety is paramount for Formula‑1. Formula‑1 is very safety conscious. It is a trend that has developed over two decades and has led to higher levels of safety even as speeds have increased.” Emphasizing that “motorsports is like a high-speed laboratory for car manufacturers that allows us to use sophisticated materials, technologies and processes which finally result in components that are lighter, more compact or more efficient”, Ms Kaltenborn said “My message on World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is drive safely. And please don’t text while driving.”



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