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ITU News — more than a magazine

From ten issues to six plus more digital content

ITU News — more than a magazineITU News — more than a magazineITU News — more than a magazineITU News — more than a magazine

Dear reader,

Thank you for your loyalty to ITU News. This letter is to inform you of some changes we are making to our print and online editions this year.

Starting with the January-February 2014 issue, the magazine will be published every two months. This means that there will be six issues annually (compared with the previous ten), and each issue will continue to provide full and in-depth coverage of topical themes that are of interest to the telecommunication and information and communication technology world and beyond.

We will introduce premium content and mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 8 on the ITU News Online digital platform during the year. Your subscription to the print edition will also give you full access to each issue via these mobile apps and to the premium content. Current subscription rates for the print edition will remain the same.

There are two reasons for these changes. One is to enhance our online news offer in view of the interest of readers in digital content. The total audience for ITU News Online (itunews.itu.int) continues to grow in all six ITU official languages, with more than 961 000 page views of our magazine website during 2013. The other reason is an economy measure to reduce production and postage costs, which continue to increase.

Today, no publication is better placed to give a first-hand account of ITU activities and matters of global concern to people from all areas of our industry. We continue to be committed to presenting our stories with the utmost clarity, simplicity and impartiality.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

The Editor


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