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Connect summits come full circle

Connect summits come full circle

As a multistakeholder approach to turn commitments into action, ITU’s Connect the World initiative, launched in 2005, helps in mobilizing the financial, human and technical resources needed to implement the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society.

As part of this effort, ITU organized five high-level regional events known as Connect Summits; the most recent being the Connect Asia-Pacific Summit, held on 18 November 2013, in Thailand, in conjunction with ITU Telecom World 2013.

The Connect Summits bring together stakeholders to strengthen existing partnerships and launch new ones to spur investment in information and communication technologies (ICT). They result in practical projects to expand ICT networks and access, as a means of fostering employment along with broader social and economic development.

Each summit was organized in collaboration with regional and global partners, and was preceded by an inclusive preparatory process to take account of the views of all stakeholders. At each summit, new partnerships have been announced for the benefit of the region concerned.

As a follow-up mechanism, ITU Regional Offices, in collaboration with regional telecommunication organizations and other stakeholders will continue to work together, with the aim of identifying gaps and avoiding overlap, as well as tracking progress in implementing the outcomes from these summits.


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