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Exciting times ahead in 2015

Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary‑General

Exciting times ahead in 2015

As the nineteenth Secretary-General of ITU, it is a great pleasure to greet you all in this first edition of ITU News for 2015. As I look ahead to the coming year, and my four-year term as ITU Secretary-General, my three key watchwords will be Vision, Action, and Harmony:

  • Vision in the way we tackle ITU’s priorities, as defined by our members at the Plenipotentiary Conference in the Republic of Korea;
  • Action in our efforts to energetically execute and implement these priorities to the satisfaction of those members;
  • And Harmony in our approach to collaborating with an increasingly wide range of actors in today’s fast‑moving, fast-growing information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

I look forward to leading the Union towards an even brighter future at the heart of the ICT sector — and especially so in this, the ITU’s 150th anniversary year. Indeed, 2015 promises to be another exciting and productive year committed to serving the needs of our membership, and we look forward to engaging with Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academia at many prominent ITU events during the year, including: Council 2015, in Geneva, from 12 to 22 May; the WSIS Forum, also in Geneva, from 25 to 29 May; the Global Symposium for Regulators, in Gabon, from 9 to 11 June; ITU Telecom World 2015, in Budapest, from 12 to 15 October; Radiocommunication Assembly 2015, in Geneva, in the last week of October; the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015, which will take place in Geneva right through the month of November; and the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium, in Japan, in December.

Throughout the year, we will be celebrating 150 years of international cooperation among governments, private companies, academia and other stakeholders, with the main celebrations taking place during the 2015 Session of ITU Council, in Geneva, on 17 May. Let me take this opportunity to warmly invite you all to join in the ITU’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, and also to nominate candidates for the special ITU 150 Awards. Nominations are open until 15 March 2015, and I strongly encourage your candidatures.

In closing, let me acknowledge the vital role of young innovators, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start‑ups and technology hubs as drivers of innovative and practical ICT solutions for accelerating the Connect 2020 agenda that was approved by membership at the 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference, and increasing connectivity and delivering the greatest benefits to developing countries.


Celebrating ITU’s 150 Years

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