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National celebrations around the world

National celebrations around the world

ITU membership and other stakeholders around the world are planning various activities to celebrate the ITU’s 150th Anniversary. So far there are more than 80 activities being organized throughout the year to commemorate the history of ITU and its membership, and a map marking these worldwide events is available on the 150th Anniversary website: http://itu150.org/worldwide-events/

On 17 May 2015, ITU will hold its main celebratory event alongside this year’s World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD), with the overall theme 'Telecommunications/ICTs: Drivers of Innovation'. Some members are planning to have an event around the same time to mark the date the original Telegraph Convention was signed back in 1865. Other members have ITU150 celebrations taking place throughout the whole year, based on the ITU monthly thematic calendar. A toolkit and guidelines are available for ITU membership to support their preparation for ITU150 celebrations.

There are various ways in which membership and other stakeholders can become involved in ITU’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. These include: organizing an exhibition, competition, or event, launching a project or initiative, issuing a publication, or creating a website, for example.

A number of Member States have expressed their interest in issuing a commemorative stamp or envelope dedicated to ITU’s 150th Anniversary (including Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Moldova, Monaco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Thailand).

Several countries have launched competitions to raise awareness about information and communication technologies (ICTs). Spain has the ’Mobile Photo Contest: Technology in our life’, Ukraine the ’Competition of scientific works’, Uganda the ’Digital Impact Awards Africa’, and Uruguay the ’CX Award in Communications’.

Special exhibitions and expositions dedicated to ITU’s 150th Anniversary are also scheduled in 2015 and include: Argentina’s ’Be part of history’, Togo’s ’ITU history — Togo history’, Portugal’s ’The Submarine Cable in a sea of connectivity’, Côte d’Ivoire’s ’exhibition about history of ICTs’, and a United States exhibition dedicated to World Amateur Radio Day on the theme of ’Global Communication and Friendship for All’.

If you are planning an ITU 150th Anniversary activity, we would love to hear about it and feature it on our anniversary website itu150.org.


Celebrating ITU’s 150 Years

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